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Wheelchair Taxi Katoomba

At Katoomba Taxi Cabs, we make sure that none of our passengers are deprived of smooth and comfortable transportation services due to mobility issues. And for that our wheelchair accessible taxi service is here to help those who need special care while travelling. Our wheelchair taxi cabs are quite easy to use and safe. Our drivers are not just experienced and humble but they are also kind and trained in the best way possible to assist you throughout your journey. You might need a wheelchair taxi to go to a doctor, explore the city, visit your friend’s house or just for a pick up or drop off to/ from the airport. Whatever the reason for your travelling, we will make sure that we provide you with the best comfort possible. Book our wheelchair taxi service today and enjoy a smooth ride. Trust Katoomba Taxi Cabs for all your wheelchair taxi needs.`


The Best and the Most Affordable Katoomba Wheelchair Taxi

There are many cab companies in Katoomba that provide wheelchair accessible taxis but we offer the best and most affordable wheelchair taxi service in town. The number one reason why we stand out from others is that our wheelchair taxi cabs have been designed to provide comfort and safety for everyone. Not just this, our drivers understand the needs of taxi users with wheelchairs.

Moreover, we know how important it is to have a reliable taxi for wheelchair users. That’s why we have put our best effort to make available our cab and taxi services throughout the day and night. Call us today to book your ride!

We have Professional Disabled Taxi Drivers in Katoomba.

We have professional disabled taxi drivers who along with vast experience and knowledge of local routes are available to serve you in the best way you can expect. Our wheelchair accessible taxi is known to offer the highest standard of quality and comfort to our riders. Our vehicles have the right equipment and gears that will help the wheelchair passengers to get into our vehicle comfortably. Our professional drivers will take care of your safety and security. These drivers know exactly what sort of communication they should have with their passengers and they will show utmost respect and patience. If any of our passengers have a special request with regard to the seat or the journey, our drivers will go an extra mile to fulfil that wish. Basic cautions such as avoiding sharp turns, hard braking, etc. is strictly followed by our drivers. we have the right Medical kids and other essential tools that might be needed in case of emergency to enhance the comfort of disabled passengers.


It is very difficult to find a wheelchair taxi in Katoomba due to the low availability of drivers. However, we provide wheelchair taxis at affordable rates. People highly recommend Katoomba wheelchair taxis.

A maxi taxi is designed to accommodate baby seats, wheelchairs, and luggage. A maxi taxi can fit two wheelchairs and three additional passengers, totaling five passengers including the two wheelchairs.

Yes! Katoomba Taxis provides wheelchair-accessible service around the clock.

Yes, you can. If you don’t have a wheelchair and need one, there will be an extra charge for the wheelchair