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Book a baby seat taxi with Katoomba taxi cabs

Families looking for safe transportation with toddlers car seat and best infants car seat, booking a baby seat taxi with “Katoomba taxi cabs” is an ideal choice. Katoomba taxi cabs offer cabs with specially fitted baby car seat that adheres to strict safety standards. Our taxis are the best as we provide utmost safe transportation for young travellers.
At “Katoomba taxi cabs” services we offer airport pickups, Sydney tours, cruise transfers etc. with secured and best baby car seats. We focus on reliability and convenience and ensure parents travel in peace with their infants seated safely.

Why Choose Katoomba Taxi Cabs for Baby car seat taxi?

Katoomba Taxi Cabs are pioneers in taxi services for more than a decade operating throughout Sydney. Our services stand out of the rest for safe traveling of children, babies and families across Sydney. We have a range of cars, SUV’s and Maxis that cater to customer needs and travel the bustling cities of Sydney with toddler car seat.

Katoomba taxi service is famed for its punctual services and hence customers reach their appointments or destinations on time.

Instant booking services is an added advantage for travellers to book on spot during travel for baby car seat.

Our expertise drivers add to the success story as they are professional and have in-depth knowledge about travelling around Sydney. Our drivers are well-versed in handling with toddlers car seat and best infants car seat and hence help them seat perfectly in the baby capsules.

Whether any emergency appointment or immediate visit in Sydney, do not hesitate to book Katoomba taxi with baby seat as we are always at your service. We are available 24/7 and serve you for all your travel needs.

Parents have the option to book for taxis with baby seat as Katoomba taxi services offer infant seats, baby capsules, car seats and booster seats as per the baby’s age. We make sure the baby passenger travels with comfort and safety.

Our rates are transparent and reasonable for anyone to travel with babies. Call us now and book a taxi baby seat for comfortable travelling.


Australian laws prioritize safety of children, hence denies children up to the age of 4 occupying the front seat of taxis.

For people forgetting to request for a baby seat while booking can call the Katoomba customer care at 0483954334 to book taxi with baby seat.

Katoomba offers free travel for passengers with one baby and charges additional amount for more than one baby.

Katoomba taxi services follows procedures and practices in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Henceforth, cleaning and sanitizing baby seats after every use is our protocol.

If the passenger encounters any issue with the baby seat during travel, our driver addresses the problem promptly. Passengers can inform the driver as he takes immediate action in resolving the issue and ensuring the child’s safety.

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